Ramirez Auto Repair has been providing Auto Repair service in Vallejo, California  for a while now. Ramirez Auto Repair does various types of services. If you’re looking for an Auto Repair shop in Vallejo, Ramirez Auto Repair  is one of many to choose from.

Unfortunately, Ramirez Auto Repair isn’t yet 4-CarCare Certified.

Ramirez Auto Repair is encouraged to claim this listing and Apply for a Certification.

Consider Choosing an 4-CarCare Pre-Screened Certified Shop-you’ll be glad you did!

We’ve taken the “Guesswork” out of finding a Trustworthy, Fair priced Auto Repair Facility.  Until now, Consumers have not had a trustable source to locate a trustable Repair Shop. Because of 4-CarCare Consumers no longer have to rely on Star Review Sites which are easily manipulated. The purpose of our 4-CarCare Certification is to help improve the industry’s reputation and connect great customers with Great Auto Repair shops.

4-CarCare Certified Shop Owners MUST agree to the following

  • 4-CarCare Certified Repair shops promote Fair Business Practices to not deceive or engage in • a representation, omission, or practice which misleads or is likely to mislead the customer; • whereas a consumer’s interpretation of the representation, omission, or practice is considered unreasonable under the circumstances.
  • They agree to Utilize the “Built-in Mediation” provided by 4-CarCare if a problem with a customer were to arise.
  • Must Use quality OEM parts or equivalent.
  • Provide a written or oral estimate before beginning work. Notify the customer if the original estimate goes higher than $100.00 or 10% whichever is greater before continuing work.
  • Use Industry Approved and accepted Pricing software.
  • Offer a visual safety inspection and provide consumers with ascertained information on the condition of their vehicle. Only NECESSARY, pre-approved services will be performed on the customer’s vehicles.
  • Have in place and provide a nationwide warranty of no less than 12 months and 12,000 miles on parts and labor for all work performed, unless otherwise specified in writing.
  • We will use Diligent efforts to keep Our Employees up to date on training.
  • Will use Diligent efforts in keeping Diagnostic tools up to date, concerning the Vehicles we work on.
  • Notify customers if an appointment or completion date changes.
  • Be Transparent and educational, about suggested repairs to the vehicle.
  • Agree to Up-hold the Standards of the 4-CarCare Platform.





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