Resolving Disputes and Reporting Complaints

Your best protection from fraud and faulty repair work is to find a reputable mechanic or repair shop before your car needs to be repaired.  We suggest you do your homework and check around first or do business with 4-CarCare ACCREDITED REPAIR FACILITY.  

Click Here to File the Complaint Form online.  

How Does 4-CarCare Resolve My Complaint?

  • Upon receiving your form, we will assign a case number to your complaint. You will receive an email acknowledging receipt of your complaint.
  • A supervisor will review the complaint to see if it appears the shop has violated the Auto Repair Act or any other laws.
  • The assigned representative will review the complaint and contact you.
  • Your representative will attempt to negotiate with the repair shop on your behalf. While we cannot represent you in court, collect money, or levy fines on your behalf, your representative will contact the owner or manager of the repair shop, describe your complaint, and attempt to facilitate a satisfactory settlement.
  • The complaint resolution effort may require your representative to contact you and the repair shop several times.
  • If the complaint involves an 4-CarCare Accredited facility, we will dig deeper and come to an expedited resolution.  We hold our shops to a high level of standards –  The other shops on our program do NOT wish to let “one bad apple” spoil the whole bunch.
  • If the shop that you are complaining about is NOT part of our exclusive referral program, that’s quite alright, the complaint form you have filled out for us will suffice for the next steps and we will supply you with a pdf and we will instruct you further, and provide you with the proper steps/channels to help resolve your complaint with other appropriate channels.  
  • You will be notified by email when the case is closed on our end. 

What Happens if We Don’t Reach an Agreement?

You may want to consult an attorney or take your case to civil court. Unfortunately, we cannot represent you in court, collect money, or levy fines on your behalf. 

Click to see “Know your Rights/ Laws for Auto Repair in Your State