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About  18004CarCare Business

18004CARCARE was first created in 1993. 4-CARCARE pioneered the country’s first platform recommending to consumers a trustable way to locate a fair, priced, trustworthy automotive expert.

18004CARCARE was Created and launched more than twelve years before the first review site ever saw the internet.

Consumers, news media (see news stories), and automotive repair facilities widely accepted 4-CarCare’s vision. Unlike other spin-offs that cater to all industry types, the business only focuses on the auto repair industry.

Most people are realizing that companies can buy review sites, create fake reviews, and bury negative reviews, which contradicts the ethical consumer review process and skews consumer reality.

About the CEO and Founder In 1993, Mr. Splitt, the founder of and Creator of the 18004-CarCare; Launched the country’s first ever Certification Service for Automotive Repair Shops; formally known as 1800-4-CARCARE, or 4-CarCare.

Mr. Splitt is responsible for the overall direction and vision of the Platform. He has personally spoken and visited thousands of Repair Shops across the Country, to see if they would be interested in becoming Certified. In the end Splitt says “it’s a Win/Win for the shop and the consumer”.


It is 4-CarCare’s mission to promote a Trustable Ethical platform where Consumers and Trustable, Fair priced Automotive Industry Experts can connect.

Consequently, instilling trust with consumers while helping elevate the Automotive Industry Reputation.


Help Us Make the Auto Industry a Better Place

Join our mission to promote good business and make the auto industry the best it can be.

The Good Repair Facility Owners

Work with 4-CarCare and provide complete transparency, and honest business practices, and have products, services, equipment, and standards that provide a positive experience every visit.

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