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Know the Basics of Auto Repair

Know the Basics of Auto Repair

Basics of Auto Repair: Regularly scheduled maintenance, and proper repairs and services are crucial to
you’re vehicle’s dependability and safety. 18004CarCare (4CC) Endorses Pre-screened
Repair Facilities, to protect you from the group of “Bad Apples” that exist in the
industry. The following is written to educate and protect you, before visiting a
Repair facility. You don’t have to use the dealer for repairs or maintenance to
Keep your warranty in effect. In fact, it’s illegal for a dealer to deny
your warranty coverage. You have the right by law to keep your vehicle’s
warranty and have your repairs and maintenance done at your favorite
independently owned repair shop. With, if the work is warranty
work you can take it back to the dealer. Or you can ask the dealer if they will let
You do it at your chosen shop


Find a Licensed Auto Shop

All shops that we certify with our 4CC Certification must pass rigorous
background checks and Complaint history checks. We are NOT big on Review
sites since there are so many BOGUS reviews about Businesses. In today’s
business climate, Businesses can and do hire “Reputation Management
Companies” to Clean up their poor reviews. Check if your shop is 4CC Certified or Use
are Auto Shop Locator to find a CERTIFED 4CC Shop In your Area.

Know Your Rights & Basics of Auto Repair:

You should know your rights. They usually vary from State to State a Tad,
however, they are mostly similar. We provide a List of States at this link Know
your Rights
just click on the state you are located in.

  • An estimate – Always get a written estimate, before beginning repairs. This should include Parts and Labor.
  • An invoice – You should get an itemized invoice when you pick up the vehicle and pay for it. Also, you should ask about the warranty at that time, and how to use it.
  • Return of replaced parts – If you would like you can ask for your old replaced parts to be returned to you when you pick up the vehicle. YOU MUST ask this before the work begins.

Maintenance Resources

  • Start with your owner’s manual. We also provide a generic list of Recommended Maintenance services that apply to 90% of the vehicles on the road today.
  • View maintenance and care guides and resources from the Car Care Council.

Vehicle Warranties

Learn about your rights under the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act to
have repairs and maintenance services performed by your trusted auto
shop – not just the dealership. Which generally is More Expensive.

Mostly All Repair Shops have a data base that can look up any “Recalls for your Vehicle”
Safety Recalls
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) determines that a vehicle
or its equipment creates a safety risk or does not meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety
Standards. The repairs are made at no cost to you.
In the event you receive a safety recall notice for your vehicle, and to ensure the safety
of you and your passengers, please take the following steps as soon as possible:

  1. Access your vehicle’s recall information – You can also
    Visit Just follow the instructions and enter your 17 digit
    Vehicle Id Number. In the space called VIN look-up.
  2. Schedule the recall repair if it does show a recall, then contact a dealership
    in your area that sells your type of vehicle. Their service department will fix the
    vehicle at no cost.
  3. Sign-up for recall alerts – You can also subscribe to the service at to get alerts about future recalls.
    The Federal Trade Commission also provides information about auto warranties
    Learn about auto warranties and understanding new and used car sales.


It is our hope that most car owners have a positive experience when taking the
Dreaded auto repair comes a knocking. But, if you feel you were treated unfairly
treated or taken advantage of, then you have recourse. Simply fill out our Fill
Out complaint form
in the event you believe a shop’s work or service was not up to par.

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