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How 4-CarCare Certified Repair Shop's Benefit you By Choosing An 4-CarCare Certified Shop. You get an Umbrella of Protection


These Repair Shops avoid unnecessary up sells. They will not scare or intimidate you into spending unnecessary dollars. They only recommend necessary repairs for safety, preventative or factory scheduled maintenance.


You will enjoy a nationwide warranty of no less than 2 years, 24,000 miles. That means if ANY repair or part fails and you're on a road trip, you will be 100% covered. Call the original shop that did the service, and they will locate another shop.

Peace Of Mind

Rest Assured You are Under an Umbrella of Protection. The shop must maintain a Great Rating with Us. Any complaints must be addressed immediately. Handled to the satisfaction of 4-CarCare. Simply contact us if you have any concerns.


18004CarCare does Vetting & Verifications (pre-screening) of Auto Repair facilities. We check their Training, Equipment, Pricing software, as well as Complaint history. We know they will treat you with respect. They want a customer for life.

News Stories by Consumer Reporters

  • 18004CarCare (Pre-Screens) Auto Repair Facilities. Repair Shops who would like to abide and live up to Our Automotive and Ethics Standards Guidelines are encouraged to Apply.  
  • The Automotive Industry was long overdue for a “Tune-up” of its own, so we created an Industry Specific Certification. 
  • By Pre-Screening, were saving Consumers each year unnecessary expenditures by referring them to Trustable Repair Centers.

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